Pine / Spruce KVH Structural Timber

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Type KVH Structural Timber
Brand KVH
Type of species European Softwood
Species Spruce (Picea abies), Pine (Pinus sylvestris) - Scots Pine


Volume 45 - 250 m3 per month
Beam thickness по запросу mm
Beam width 60 - 160 mm
Beam length 1 - 13,2 m
Glue Purbond HB S 0 49
Description KVH structural timber is a bulk along the length of full lamellas on finger joint to a predetermined length.

Fields of application:
• Frame construction
• Industrial construction
• Ceilings and walls
• Wooden structures
• Add-ins
• Ceilings
The production process starts with drying of spruce timber with the remote core to a moisture content (15% +/-3%). This excludes a large shrinkage, which may occur when drying wet wood in the room.
The dried lumber is planed and graded visually or mechanically. The wood defects such as large knots or wane, labeled and excluded. Sorting is done first in order to achieve a certain level of strength.
At the ends of the different length of the segments of slats finger joint profile, and then lamellas are glued to each other under pressure. With such efficient production is theoretically possible to obtain a beam of infinite length. The lamellas steel strips can be the required length. After curing of the adhesive a ready-made timber planed on all four sides. For modern KVH construction timber because of its strength characteristics and dimensional stability, is an indispensable material.

• The high stability of the shapes and sizes thanks to watercover and drying;
• Thanks to low humidity (15%) usually do not require any chemical protection;
• Timber KVH has a high level of quality. The overall production process is subject to strict control;
• KVH are planed on all sides and removed the chamfer;
• Applies a special technology of cutting boards;
• Timber KVH has the properties of solid wood;
• Natural building material;
• Various lengths and standard cross-section;
• Minor cracking;
• Short production time, immediate availability.

Width: 60 mm - 160mm
Thickness: 100 mm – 220 mm
Wood species: spruce, pine
Length: up to 13.2 m

High quality: no core dropped-out knots (any defects are repaired)
Industrial quality: defects - allowed dark knots, small cracks, color variation
Moisture 15% +/- 2% at the time of shipment
Density of about 450kg/m3
Glue: one-component polyurethane adhesive engineering structures Purbond HB S 0 49

Price & Conditions

Price 390 EUR per m3
Incoterm CIF - goods sold with transport included to a certain place.
Delivery deadline Available on order in less than 30 days
Sells to: Worldwide


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